• Black Strap Molasses

    Molasses is a must have for every home.

    It’s health benefits include but not limited to:

    Safe and good for diabetes
    Helps improve gastro-intestinal system thus help ulcer issues
    Friendly for women as it helps prevent menstrual cramps
    Good for weight management
    Boost Limido in both men and women
    Very good for bone health
    Boost red blood cell formation and hemoglobin level
    Helps improve skin and hair
    Has anti-inflammatory properties.
    It is also used in treatment of cancer when combine with Sodium Bi Carbonate


    Black Strap Molasses

  • Honey

    Benefits of Honey includebut not limited to:
    • Natural energy booster
    • Great immune booster
    • Enhances digestive, respiratory
    • Nervous and reproductive system etc.
    • Natural remedy for many health problems




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