Do you know that there is a silent killer likely lurking in your food or even kitchen cabinets right now?…

Yes! you have been consuming poison for a very long time now without you knowing it. This has always been in most of the food you eat. Mothers have been poisoning their family ignorantly. Most mothers would be shocked to know this and may even refute to believing it but whether you accept it or not, it is a sad truth. The food regulatory agencies knows it but allows it. It does not kill fast and its manifestation varies in individuals.   

It is MonoSodium Glutamate (MSG), a flavor enhancer that is added to many of the foods you and your family regularly eat. It is added to make food taste better and sweeter. This is one of the worst food additives in the market and is used in most food seasonings, canned soups and foods, snacks, noodles seasoning, beverages, salad dressings and even in baby foods as well as infant formula amidst others. MSG chemical content is about 78% free glutamic acid, 21% sodium, and up to 1% contaminants. It is a Neuro-toxin that excites the brain cells to death and damages the nervous system. MSG is best described as a ‘Sweet’ Poison. People all over the world has been poisoned for a long time immemorial but the time to reverse this abnormality has come. The choice is however yours to either continue to feed on this poison or go the healthier way.
***Disclaimer: This article is not written in anyway to pull-down any company whatsoever. It is written for the purpose of educating and/or sensitizing the public on the dangers inherent in the continuous consumption of the food addictive called MSG in most processed foods particularly in food seasonings. The choice to use the alternative suggested rest solely on individual persons. Therefore individual discretion is advised***

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