Sea salt is rapidly becoming more popular, as more and more people are learning about all the health benefits that the salt has to offer. The salt is obtained naturally from the sea, and does not go through any processing that alters the natural make-up of the salt.

Thus it contains many essential trace minerals that your body needs in order to be healthy. This natural salt is healthier than the iodized salt available in the market. A lot of people are consuming iodized sea salt erroneously thinking they are taking sea salt. Iodized sea salt has also been refined just that it is not as refined as the normal table salt and iodine has been added. During refining process, many essential minerals get stripped off. 

Natural sea salt contains over 60 minerals other than sodium chloride. These minerals include among many others: Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Iodine, Calcium, Zinc etc

While our main goal is to educate our readers on healthy living, we go a step further to providing them with the natural healthier food alternatives they would need. This we do so we don’t leave you frustrated or fall victim of fake natural products out there in the market. To get original sea salt or other natural food products in Nigeria call 08038007596, 08022912018 or email (home/office delivery available).

Let us now explore benefits sea salt offers our body:

1.       Strong Immune System – Sea salt naturally helps you to build up a strong immune system so that you can fight off the cold virus, the fever and flu, allergies and other autoimmune disorders.
2.       Alkalizing – Sea salt is alkalizing to the body, as it has not been exposed to high heat and stripped of its minerals, nor does it have any harmful man-made ingredients added to it. Thus it can help you to prevent and reverse high levels of acids in the body, which in turn eliminates the risks for serious and life-threatening diseases.

3.       Weight Management – Believe it or not, but sea salt can also help you in weight loss. It helps the body to create digestive juices so that the foods you eat are digested faster, and it helps to prevent build-up in the digestive tract, which eventually can lead to constipation and weight gain. 
4.       Skin Conditions – A sea salt bath can help to relieve dry and itchy skin as well as serious conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. The bath naturally opens up the pores, improves circulation in the skin and hydrates the tissues so that your skin can heal.

5.       Asthma Management – Sea salt is effective in reducing inflammation in the respiratory system. Thus the production of phlegm is slowed down so that you can breathe easier again. Some say that sprinkling sea salt on the tongue after drinking a glass of water is just as effective as using an inhaler. But the great thing about sea salt is that it has no side effects when taken in moderation.

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