Healthy living refers to practices that supports, improves, maintains and/or enhances good health. Healthy Living requires making healthy choices every day. Developing healthy living behaviours can amazingly help to prevent or manage many chronic medical conditions. Healthy living makes lot of sense because if you do not do all you can to improve your overall health, you are jeopardizing the quality of your life, leaving yourself at risk of ill health.

There is a growing body of scientific evidences that shows our lifestyles play a huge part in how healthy we are. The consequences of long unhealthy lifestyle can be disastrous. Therefore it is essential you do everything you can to ensure healthy living is central to your life. Unless the body is fit and vigorously healthy, the mind is slowed down, energy lags, vitality is sluggish, and accomplishment is greatly handicapped. No one can be happy, except in good health. Good health is a treasure more precious than the world’s most colossal fortune.

You have always known that you have the power to change the choices you make for your life, the question is, how well do you use this power? If you want a different outcome then you must accept that what you’ve been doing up until now is not working, so you must make a change. The only person that can change your life is you. Lots of people want to overcome some certain health challenge but are not willing to give up their unhealthy bad habit. Isn’t that funny!

If you keep going on auto-pilot, ignoring the signals that your body gives you, then you’ll end up sacrificing your health and happiness. If you commit yourself to healthy living, you give yourself the best chance for health and happiness.

Below are ten (10) simple and easy-to-do tips. They are neither myths nor mirage, they are proven healthy lifestyle of all times. You can leverage on these ten (10) principles to enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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